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10. Dana Carvey Took Orders From A Reporter In Halloween II

10. Dana Carvey Took Orders From A Reporter In Halloween II

The cement plates that grace Hollywood Blvd. are paved with stories of struggle, compromise, sacrifice and even untimely death. As Ray Davies of The Kinks so immortalized them, however, the stars and cement handprints along the path will always be immortal.

But for every single star, there are countless others that never earn cause for ceremony. People push and suffer for fame, some succeed, some wind up as key grip #2 at the end credits. Throughout their rise, however, many a famous lead actor has taken a job just to keep their name in the guild or, worse, to pay rent on whatever $15,000 a month tiny rectangle they manage to cobble together.

Some such roles can be embarrassing when they make their name, others just go by unnoticed on an IMDB page. On rare occasions, they're fortuitous, highlighting particular trademarks an actor later becomes known for without realizing it.

Here are a few you may have missed.

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