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When it comes to superhero films we are spoilt for choice. However, most of the time this choice comes from one of two comic book behemoths - DC or Marvel. It is easy to forget with the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC's catalogue of Batman or Superman films that other super stories are out there.

Heroes come in many forms throughout film, television and literature - they appear in almost every genre imaginable. Once you supercharge your hero by gifting them with powers this gives even more possibility for where you can take the adventure.

Many superhero films use other genres to test their hero; take Spider-Man: Homecoming and its nods to rom-coms or The Dark Knight which leans into a crime thriller. When you step away from the Justice League or the Avengers you see there are many other films out there that take the superhero genre and explore the boundaries of what it means to be a hero.

Without spoofing the major studios, these ten films manage to carve their own corner in the overcrowded multiverses of superhero movies...

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