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10. Sackman - The Strangers

10. Sackman - The Strangers

As the whole premise of The Strangers relies on a bunch of creeps attempting to break into a vacation home, it makes sense that most of the tension lies in the threat of what's outside getting in - and that's exactly what the film hammers home early on in its anxiety-inducing narrative. A couple spend some quality time in a remote house for the night with clear issues between the pair, with boyfriend James leaving Kristen on her own as he heads out for cigarettes.

In the meantime, Kristen attempts to fix an errant fire alarm before chilling out with a cigarette and a glass of water (perhaps the combination that most puts the 'strange' in Strangers). And despite being left alone in the house, she's not the only one in there.

In the background of the shot as Kristen goes about her business, the masked man can be seen watching her, silently, with just his pale mask visible in the darkness of the rest of the house. It's a chilling moment and pure nightmare fuel for expertly putting that real, irrational fear of being watched in our safe spaces - executed terrifyingly well.