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'The Rise of Skywalker' and The Last Jedi are easily the two most divisive Star Wars movies. Depending on who you ask, either one might be considering a disaster or a masterpiece.

Some fans and critics have panned The Rise of Skywalker for its many plot holes, including the reemergence of Emperor Palpatine as the franchise's ultimate villain. Those same people oftentimes praise The Last Jedi' for its creative approach and heavy-hitting plot beats.

Meanwhile, others have been quick to call The Rise of Skywalker a return to "classic Star Wars" that gives the Skywalker Saga the satisfying ending it deserves. These fans tend to be the ones who deliver the most withering rebukes of The Lat Jedi by claiming that Rian Johnson's twist-filled entry to the franchise lacks the proper tone and respect for the saga's classic characters among other complaints.

As anyone who's followed Star Wars since Disney took over the famed franchise should know, there's oftentimes little room for an agreeable middle ground in these arguments. Both camps have dug in, and few are willing to hear the other side's critiques of their chosen movie.

Nevertheless, there's more than a few areas where these movies overlap. Major areas, in fact, that have oftentimes been discussed as being weak points of each instalment are similar across the films.

Perhaps, instead of trying to claim that one movie is the best Star Wars experience to embrace, fans should realize that there's more in common with their respective favorites than it might seem.