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10. Luigi’s Mansion - King Boo

10. Luigi’s Mansion - King Boo

We’ve all been lured into a false sense of security, right? The innocent looking puppy, the crying baby or the trail of sweets (often leading to immediate doom)?

It’s easy to be caught off guard at an inopportune moment when everything has been smooth sailing so far. Video games are definitely no exception, and can place some truly nasty moments in otherwise fluffy adventures.

One of these spikes that can really ruin your day is boss battles. Especially ones that look innocently into your eyes before knocking your teeth about and throwing you quicker to the game over screen than you can say it.

Whether it be childhood platformers or simply standard action-adventure fares that have been a doddle up to this point, there are culprits everywhere.

So next time you think about petting the cute, wholesome bunny, don’t, because before you know it that bunny has bitten off your hand and is hopping away into the night.

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