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10. Nemesis Will Be Omnipresent (And Fast Enough To Give Chase)

10. Nemesis Will Be Omnipresent (And Fast Enough To Give Chase)

In the original game, Nemesis shows up in scripted sequences. While the decisions you make mean these appearances can be in different areas (leaving other parts safe in later playthroughs), he will always appear in these sections of the game. You're "safe" amongst the normal zombies once you've either lost him or filled him with enough bullets that he temporarily drops to one knee.

If you were brave enough to try the latter, you were rewarded with a weapon that couldn't be found anywhere else in the game. That's a big if though, as he's not easy to take down. Still, careful planning could let you stock up on ammo and healing before triggering the big guy.

Good luck trying that in the remake.

While there will be scripted appearances, Nemesis will be out there in the world throughout the entire game, hunting for S.T.A.R.S members.

If he's roaming close enough to hear your weapons fire then he'll be coming your way fast, and unlike Mr X from the Resident Evil 2 remake, Nemesis is faster than you are.